Welcome to the virtual home of Stellar Vector, a primarily academic CTF team associated with KU Leuven, located in the beautiful town of Leuven (coincidentally also the home of the Stella beer). Stellar Vector is the reboot of HacknamStyle, which was the reboot of a CTF team by the name of: The Electronic Mayhem. Just to say that we’ve been participating in CTFs for well over a decade. We welcome current and former students (bachelor, master, PhD) and any hacking aficionados located in Belgium, regardless of the level of expertise or experience. We intend to participate in CTFs approximately on a monthly basis, and organize events to further improve (y)our hacking skills.


Join our mailing list via Google Groups. When requesting access, tell us a bit about yourself! Also feel free to join our Discord Server. Please choose a name on Discord that allows us to identify you.

If you would like to help us organizing our activities, send us an email at team@stellarvector.be.